Mississippi Digital Libraries Newsletter

Information & News for participating repositories: Delta State University, Jackson State University, Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Tougaloo College, The University of Mississippi, and The University of Southern Mississippi

One of the challenges of this collaborative effort is figuring out how to stay in touch despite the miles between all of our institutions. This newsletter will help us keep track of each other and our progress so far. Here is some of the information we will share:

  • Grant Progress: Stay up-to-date on the grant timeline, discuss current projects, and plan ahead.
  • Information to Share: When there are issues that concern everyone, we’ll include helpful information: notes on EAD or digitization, answers to questions that arise, etc.
  • Upcoming Events: Keep tabs on upcoming trainings, meetings, site visits, and conferences.
  • Repository News: Find out what’s happening at other repositories.

Please join us in this effort! We’ll be contacting you each month for any news or reports to include in the newsletter.